Building Your New Home Is An Exciting Time

Building a home is a big commitment in time and money. It is an exciting time, there is a lot more opportunity with a custom home build to achieve the home of your dreams. In order to make the best choice in a Gisborne builder to best protect that investment, you need to take your time evaluating the options. First of all, you need to gather a list of possible reputable builders, and then you can start working on crossing some names off until you decide on a builder to have a contract with. You can check online for a national database of builders, you can do a search online for custom home builders, you can ask people you know, you talk to local suppliers and contractors.

Key characteristics of a good builder

When you are looking for a builder you can trust there are a few key qualities to look for in your research. Here is a closer look.

  • Experience – It is a very good move to look for a builder in Macedon Ranges who has been established for a number of years. Experience is a big thing and being established shows they are stable and less likely to run off with some of your money. A long-term presence in the community is a good sign.
  • Good reputations – You also want to look for builders who have good reputations. In this business they rely on word of mouth and happy customers, having a good reputation is important to them. You can look into this by looking at reviews online from previous builds they have done, ask previous clients about the project, ask for references and contact them to ask further questions. Make sure it all adds up to most people being very happy, and if there were problems how good were they at fixing them?
  • Visit houses and look at a portfolio – If it is possible as well as looking at their portfolio of homes, it can be very useful to see a house in person. Some might have a model or open home you can look at.
  • Make sure they are licensed – It is very important to only work with a Gisborne builder that meets the minimum building standards, is licensed and only uses subcontractors that are licensed as well. Check that their license is genuine and not out of date.
  • Do they have any complaints against them – You can look into the BBB website or do a search on their history and see if they have a lot of complaints against them. This should ring some serious bells if they do!
  • Are they a member of a professional association – While this is not essential it is a good sign because it indicates they meet certain minimum requirements that professional associations have.


When looking for a builder in Macedon Ranges make sure you take your time and whittle down those who do not meet your expectations or needs. Meet with three of them and get a feel for them and ask them questions.

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Our desire to succeed has given us the impetus to transform our hard work into a successful building company. It goes without saying that we are a proud member of Housing Industry Australia.

Jackson Dwellings has completed many luxury residences throughout the Macedon Ranges area. We are honoured to be part of the high end of the industry in this beautiful part of the world. We know our homes will stand the test of time in terms of design, build quality and property value.

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