Buying The Right Rug To Create The Right Mood

When you are looking to change the atmosphere or mood of a room one of the great options you have is to change in and out your rugs! With different shades and colours and styles, you can create more intensity, or something more relaxed, make it seem more open, or make it feel cosy. With different rugs Melbourne homeowners can switch out the mood depending on what they feel like at the time. Some change out for holidays, some for the different seasons, some just create something particular for each room in the home. Here are some tips for creating different moods with some thought behind the rugs you buy.

Avoid coordinating colours

It is a good idea to avoid trying to match the rug in colour exactly to say the walls or your couch. Rather look for something that is in the same family of colours if you are looking to coordinate rather than contrast. If you have the paint colour swatches still this means rather than matching at rug shops Melbourne look at the colours on either side or even third colours away.

Think about the size

Another factor in the impact the rug has is the size. Smaller scatter rugs create a different impact and effect than something large rugs Melbourne owners create. The size of the room and how it is decorated also plays a role in what size rug is best to use. If it is a dining room and there are tables and chairs you need to think about how the chairs are placed and whether it is hard to pull the chairs out and push them in again. If a lot of the rug is going under something like a table then are you losing a lot of the pattern?  

Play around with the layout

When it comes to somewhere like the living room you might have more opportunity to play around with the layout, are you moving the chairs, the sofa, the coffee table? What is the best position to have that shows off the rug and does not create any tripping hazards? Use the rug as a foundation to base your design on if you want to.

Think about how much traffic the rug will see

As well as creating the kind of mood you want you also need to think about the traffic it will see. If it is going to have a lot of people walking on it, with their shoes on, then you will want to choose one that is sturdy, easy to vacuum and has a design that is still attractive even when there is some dirt on it!


There are a lot of great rug shops Melbourne based, both physical and online. Whether you want to create a celebratory atmosphere, something calming and serene, something natural or something wacky and busy and fun, there is a rug that can help you create this.

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