Choosing The Best Scuba Mask For Your Holiday

One of the most amazing things to do even if it is just once in your life is scuba diving. It is exhilarating, beautiful and for some even life-changing. It becomes something people do every time they go on holiday exploring different waters and sharing their joy with friends and family. If you tried it once and now want to go about getting your own equipment so you can do it more you might be wondering if there is a way to see better since you usually wear glasses. Or maybe your eyes were fine when you started out but now you find things are a bit more blurry. You need to find a good-quality, well-fitting prescription scuba mask.

Finding a good mask

It is a fact your eyes cannot focus underwater so you need a mask. It works because it has a trapped pocket of air in front of the eyes which allows them to focus correctly. Masks have a layer of either tempered glass or plastic in a frame with a silicone skirt which is what forms the airtight seal on the face. You want tempered glass for a safer mask and in general, divers prefer the clarity the glass offers over the plastic though the best scuba mask does cost more and weighs a little more. With a good quality mask, you should have a good case for it so when you are not using it, it is protected and then it should last you for years.

Contact lenses or prescription masks

If you have eyesight problems it is possible you need a prescription scuba mask. Keep in mind that the effect when you are down there does give you some magnification so you might not need anything to help yet. If you wear contacts normally you could carry on with that, daily ones you can throw out after is best and you should make sure you do not get them wet. With a prescription mask, you have the choice of having something made to suit your prescription or you can buy masks that come with some corrections up to a certain degree.

Looking after the mask when you have one

When you select what you decide is the best scuba mask for you make sure you learn how to look after it. There is a protective layer to remove from the glass before you use it. Make sure you do not use anything abrasive on the glass as that damages it and affects how well you can see out of it. Rinse the mask in fresh water after each dive and always keep it stored in a dry safe place that is not in the direct sun.


Diving can be something you do solo or with others. If you really love it you might even consider joining a diving club. Chat to people about where the best places to head are and what the best gear is.

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