Boosting Club Visits Through Club Marketing

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Nightclubs aren’t dead, quite the opposite. Despite the fact that partying, clubbing, and nightclubs are still deeply ingrained in UK culture, clubs need to have the right marketing strategies to succeed. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to nightclub marketing strategies, which if done correctly, will increase your revenues and customer base.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing still has its place, especially when it comes to nightclub marketing. It’s definitely worth exploring and trying out in your nightclub marketing strategy. Handing out flyers is a very effective process if you’re in a touristy area. 

club poster screenshot PhotoADKing

You can design club flyers easily thanks to PhotoADKing. It provides more than 100 club flyer templates for each type of club including night club,  dance club, music club, singing club, fitness club and lots more.

Here are a few traditional marketing methods to try:

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Distribute leaflets in hotels to travelers
  • Use a street team if your club is located near a busy road
  • Promoters should be paid for each person they bring in through guest lists
  • Publish in local papers/magazines
  • Distribute materials at universities
  • Freebies and merchandise. Students, in particular, love freebies. Wear your logo to encourage others to promote your nightclub.

Take Advantage of Technology

You can take advantage of technology to market your club by using an application that can help you. For example you can use a flyer maker app that can allow you to design club flyers that boost your club visibility online. Here are 2 android and iOS application apps that will help you. 

Android App for create club flyer

Flyer maker app android

iOS App for create club flyer

flyer maker app iOS

Checking for social proof

The rise of social media has made social proofing an increasingly important part of any marketing strategy. People will be more likely to attend your nightclub if masses of people are seen or heard there. If it’s considered a ‘cool’ place, then more people will want to go there. In order to capitalize on this peculiar human behavior, some nightclubs ensure influencers and ‘cool’ people frequent their clubs.

Making sure photos are taken at your nightclub will increase people’s visibility. Photo ops are a good place to start, such as having wings on a feature wall or having a backdrop with your logo and waiting photographers. You may also consider hosting events where celebrities attend, customers are sure to take pictures.

You must make sure that your customers have a positive experience. Otherwise, social proofing could backfire. It will appear uncool if no one appears to be going there. The wrong celebrity could also damage the image. It might seem like a good idea to get a ‘Love Island’ celebrity to appear but think twice, as this could be damaging in the long run.

Host an event

award image from pexels

Your nightclub can be a great venue for private functions and events. It goes without saying that product launches, award ceremonies, and charity events are among the best events to attend, so your venue will be linked with a memorable evening. In the future, this positive experience will result in word of mouth for your brand.

These events often attract celebrities and influencers, giving you plenty of photo opportunities with your brand.

Experiential learning and word-of-mouth

Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of advertising. More people will hear about it and want to attend if you provide the perfect clubbing experience. So invest in your nightclub, staff and your service before spending any money on advertising. Having to wait over five minutes for a drink can be detrimental to a customer’s experience and make them unlikely to return.

When it comes to promoting a clubbing experience, you should hire the best DJs and include themes, promotions, and one-off events. Imagine yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask yourself what kind of night you would remember.

In addition, you might want to stop being open seven days a week. The short-term effects of a venue that’s less than half full were mentioned earlier. Creating buzz only for a few days a week can have positive effects for your brand and wallet. The other days can be reserved for private events.

Analyzing what works is the key to a good nightclub marketing strategy. Continually analyzing your results will let you know where it’s working and where it’s not. Investing more resources in what’s working will result in even better results.

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