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We receive calls from millions of taxpayers each year asking for more information about the status of their tax refunds; each year we’re also looking for better ways to give you the information you need without waiting on the phone Talk to a representative. We regularly review the feedback you leave us. We’ve created this resource to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Common problem

Q: When do you update your tax refund status each day?

A: We do not have a specific daily time for our status updates. Your tax refund status will be updated when your tax refund application enters a new stage in our processing and review of the tax refund form. See below for a list of the most common statuses you may see during the processing of your tax refund form.

Q: Why did your representative say they don’t have more information about the status of my tax refund?

A: The information available to our representatives is the same as the information we provide to you using automated tools. When we update your status, all tax refund tools, including our automated telephone line and Check your refund status application, are automatically updated at the same time.

Q: Why can’t you tell me when I will receive my tax refund?

A: Every tax refund is different. Simple tax refund forms will be processed quickly. But when credits are claimed in a tax refund, and those deductions are often the target of fraud, the tax refund form will likely need to go through more scrutiny by one or more of the Tax Department’s review systems. The best way to receive your tax refund faster is to file electronically and learn about the credits you may be entitled to. If you claim a deduction for which you are not eligible, the processing time for your tax return may take several months longer than usual. In some cases, we will ask for more information and ask for your response for us to decide. We want you to apply for and receive the credit to which you are entitled. If you would like to learn more about the requirements for obtaining credits you may be eligible for, see Income tax credits and Recordkeeping for individuals.

Below you will find additional information about your most frequently asked status.

  • The tax refund amount does not match
  • We have received your tax refund form but are still processing it
  • Further review of your tax return may be required
  • We need more information about your withholding tax

Tax refund amount or social security number does not match

If the information you entered when checking the status of your tax refund does not match the information in our system, you may receive one of the following messages. Follow the numbered steps provided below to troubleshoot.

  • The information you provided does not match our records. Please verify your Social Security number and the dollar amount you are claiming for a refund on your New York State tax return.
  • The information entered does not match the amount on your New York State tax return. Did you enter only whole dollar amounts? For example, $223.45 would be 2 2 3 when entered. Also, make sure you enter your New York State tax refund amount, not your federal tax refund amount.
  • The information entered does not match the amount on your New York State tax return. Before entering your information for the fourth time, please verify that the information you entered matches the information you reported on your New York State tax return. If the information does not match this time, you will not be able to use this service for the next 24 hours.
  • The information you entered does not match our records. Please verify that the information you entered matches the information you reported on your New York State tax return. Please wait at least 24 hours before trying to access this service.


  1. Refer to the Refund amount requested form to find and review the contents of the Refund amount requested line on your submitted refund form.
    1. If that line is blank, or you enter zero, you have not claimed a refund and will not be able to use the Check my refund tool.
    2. If your tax preparer has provided different information and you do not have a copy of their tax return, contact your tax preparer. They are legally required to provide you with a copy of the tax refund form they submitted. See Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers for more information.
  2. After you’ve confirmed the refund amount listed on the Claimed refund amount line on your refund form, enter that amount in the Check my refund tool.

Note: Our representatives are not allowed to tell you the amount of your tax refund even after verifying your identity. You must refer to the tax return you submitted or by submitting Form DTF-505, Authorization for Release of Photocopies of Tax Returns and/or Tax Information, Apply for a copy of the tax refund form you submitted. The processing time for your request to obtain a copy is approximately 30 days.

No further information

We have received your tax refund form and the form is being processed. No further information is currently available.

This is a general processing state. Unless your tax return is selected for additional review, or we request additional information, this will be your status until we schedule a date to issue your tax refund and update your status thereafter. Our call center representatives also have no further information to assist you when your tax refund is at this stage. As your tax refund status changes, this information is automatically updated in our automated telephone system, our Check My Tax Refund Status request online, and account information available to our representatives.

May require further review

We have received your tax return and may need to review your tax return further. This can cause your New York State tax return to take longer to process than your federal tax return. No further information is currently available.

Once we receive your tax refund form and start processing it, our automated processing system scans the form for any errors or signs of fraud. Depending on the results of this scan, we may need to manually review the form. The status may be updated to Processing again, or you may receive a request for additional information. Your tax refund may be at this stage for some time to give us time to review the form. Once your tax return has entered the processing stage, your tax return may be selected for further review before completing processing. 

We need more information about the withholding tax you provided on your tax return

We have sent you a letter requesting information to verify the amount of withholding tax provided on your tax return. To view and respond to your correspondence instantly online, create an online service account. For instructions, enter the W-2 letter in the Search Tax box on our website and select Respond to W-2 letter. For more information, call 518-457-2751.

If your refund status has recently changed to this status, we will send you Form DTF-973.56-O (Form DTF-973.56-O). 

To reply online immediately, you will need your DLN or Document Locator Number – which can be found in the upper right corner of the notice we send you. We ask that you include this DLN when you send us information about your tax refund.

Reply from the personal online service account

  • Scroll down to the Personal income tax details section.
  • Select the Filing period for the tax refund we inquired about. The Confirmation number displayed for each tax period is the same as the DLN for your refund:

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