Dental reconstruction: What is it, types of treatments

What is dental reconstruction?

It is the part of conservative dentistry that seeks to restore both the functionality and the aesthetic appearance of natural teeth. Currently, there are advanced techniques that allow full recovery even in cases of severe deterioration. Different types of treatment are used depending on the extent of tooth damage.

Types of dental reconstruction

Fillings – Also called restorations. They are used when the damaged area is small. It is made with composite or resin. This material is molded to return the tooth to its natural shape and then hardened with ultraviolet light.

Inlays: this technique is used when the damaged area is more extensive and resin restoration is not possible. A ceramic or zirconium piece is made in the shape of the damaged part of the tooth and fixed on it using cementation.

Crown and post: this reconstruction is necessary when the damaged area is very large and has reached the deep tissues of the tooth -dentin, and pulp-. The natural crown of the tooth is replaced by an artificial crown. A pin is added to give more strength to what is left of the natural tooth and provides better adhesion to the new crown.

Tooth reconstruction or extraction?

Until recently, when a person suffered damage or injury to a tooth, their first option was to go to the dentist for an extraction. The problem with extractions is that we lose teeth that are essential for our oral health. And there is no turning back.

Over time, these extractions will cause us problems. For this reason, conservative dentistry is more relevant every day. The reason? It allows recovering the functionality of natural teeth without resorting to dental implants or bridges.

Professionals recommend avoiding tooth extractions whenever possible. the main reason is that the patient will usually require other treatments later, which can be expensive and cumbersome. Thanks to dental reconstruction techniques, it is possible to save teeth that are severely damaged.

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When is dental reconstruction necessary?

It is necessary when there is an injury to the tooth, such as fractures or erosion. The sooner these injuries are treated, the easier dental reconstruction will be.

Some causes of tooth decay are:

Tooth decay: it is the most common cause of tooth decay.

Trauma: blows or fractures.

Enamel hypoplasia: poor quality of enamel, which makes it susceptible to damage.

Root canals: when performing the root canal treatment, the dentist must remove a small part of the crown to access the canals and later must restore it with resin.

Dental reconstruction and aesthetics

Today, dental aesthetics are so important that many of the new treatments keep them in mind. Although previously materials such as amalgam were used, which gave a bad appearance to the teeth like cavity, today products have been created to imitate the appearance of a natural tooth.

So don’t worry: if you ever need a tooth reconstruction, chances are that no one will notice the difference.

Advantages of dental reconstruction

The functionality of the tooth is recovered.

Respect dental aesthetics.

They are strong and durable.

Reliefs aches or pains.

Disadvantages of dental reconstruction

Tooth sensitivity.

There is the possibility of complications: pulpitis, dental fracture, secondary caries.

There is the possibility of treatment failure leading to retreatment or in the worst case a tooth extraction.

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