Domestic Cleaning Services in Oxford

Nobody likes to play the cinderella scrubbing the floors, domestic cleaning can make you feel that. Given the busy schedules and increased at-home parties, there is always a need for some extra help.

But what domestic cleaning services  Oxford should one opt for?

Ideally, a good cleaning service would not only be quick and professional but would be good on your pockets too.

Domestic vs. Commercial Cleaning Service

It is very common to confuse the two main types of cleaning services. Even though both these services are all about providing an array of cleaning solutions, the capacity in which they perform is what acts as a differentiating factor among the two.

As the name suggests, domestic cleaning service is focused in residential areas and has a smaller coverage area. Commercial cleaning service, on the other hand, is at a larger scale and focuses on businesses and commercial settings.

Choosing Domestic Cleaning, The Goods

Choosing a domestic cleaning service can by far be the best decision you ever make. There are many benefits of opting for professional cleaning services. To start, it lifts the burden of cleaning, you can relax and binge-watch your favourite shows while a well trained professional cleans your place.

Another great advantage is that you save time. You may take more time in cleaning than a professional cleaner. Since domestic cleaners undergo proper training and have the right

equipment, they can do the job faster and better.Additionally, adding a domestic cleaning service into your life means that you can opt for a weekly, daily or bi-monthly contract where you can maintain cleanliness and have a clean house without any hassle or effort!

Types of Domestic Cleaning Service

The domestic cleaning service in Oxford is three-fold. The service starts with something as basic as regular cleaning to deep cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning service.

Let’s dive into each category for more clarity.

Regular Cleaning Service: This service is the basic cleaning service that includes services such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, changing beddings, cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen. This service is similar to the room cleaning services we get in a hotel. It is at a surface level and is good for quick impromptu cleaning of your flat.

Deep Cleaning Service:

As the name suggests, deep cleaning service is more comprehensive and focuses on reaching every nook and corner of the house to get even the last speck of dust. Since this service is deeper, it takes more time and is more expensive. However, it is perfect for larger spaces and places with pets.

End of Tenancy Contract Cleaning Service: Every time a tenant moves out, the renter hires a cleaning service to clean the house to perfection. Often at times, tenants do not opt for a cleaning service and by the end of the tenure, the house is pretty messy. Thus, to make the house look as good as new, realtors often opt for a domestic cleanings service that can clean the house spotless. What Services are included in Domestic Cleaning

There are an array of services that you get when you opt for a cleaning service:

Dusting: This includes dusting everything in your house, from furniture to what’s on your furniture, everything is thoroughly dusted.

Vacuuming: You can get external help for vacuuming your carpets to mopping your floors. Everything done by these service providers is extremely professional.

Decluttering: All the clutter is tidied and kept in its proper place so your house looks clean, organized and tidy.


 Your washrooms and kitchens are sorted out just fine. The service providers help clean your toilets, marble tops and even your sinks.

Extras: Some of the additional services that you get includes folding laundry, washing dishes, cleaning windows and changing bedsheets.

How to Choose Domestic Cleaning Service Oxford

Choosing the right domestic cleaning service is important. There is a need for prompt service and security f our valuable possessions as well. Here is how you can decide on which service is best for you:

Always check the testimonials and do your research. Getting your house cleaned is something that should be gotten done by someone you trust. Often at times, cleaners are requested to come when there is no one at home. You would need a trustworthy service provider for this.

Make sure the hired help has the right expertise. Imagine hiring a cleaning service for your artistic house and the staff ruins your expensive carpet. You wouldn’t want such a hassle and additional cost, this is why always ask questions. Check what other customers are saying. Ideally, your service provider will have the right expertise for the job. They would not only know how to cater to different stains but would have the skill of dealing with expensive items as well.

Opt for a service that offers spot checks. Reviews on the internet could be misleading. Your standard of cleanliness may be different from someone else. Since it is such a subjective matter you would always want to choose a service provider that allows spot check and is open to feedback. Spot checks help save your and the service provider’s time as they help define your expectations and needs.

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