Get insurance to avoid paying for a broken phone screen

Getting a proficient phone is only half of the job done. Proper maintenance and adequate protection are the ideal things a phone user has to do. If you own a very expensive iPhone, then it is a must that you get proper phone insurance to safeguard it. Repairing your smartphone is a costly job that requires an ample amount of money. Phone Insurance is therefore becoming popular among iPhone users for its unique benefits and positive feedback. A Mobile Device Protection Plan includes all the necessary services and complete mobile protection, including repairing a broken phone screen. There are two types of phone protection cover plans that are very popular. 

CPP Mobile Device Protection plan

It includes complimentary mobile device insurance. The insurance also covers the cost of the replacement of your device. You can get this smart insurance plan for all your electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets. It can cover up to 100% of the base invoice value, excluding the offers, discounts and deductible plans. It is one of the best iphone Insurance plans that you can get to wave off any device repair or replacement cost. 

CPP Fonesafe Lite

It includes the insurance of a broken phone screen. One condition is that you must buy the CPP mobile protect phone insurance within fifteen days of purchasing your handset. If you are going for a CPP Fonesafe Lite, it can be purchased within forty-five days of buying the device. According to the price range of your phone, the premium amount differs. You can buy the insurance cover depending on the handset model.

Things covered under the Mobile Screen Protection Plan

Buying phone insurance covers many other things besides just a broken phone screen. These include –

• CPP Mobile Protect Phone Insurance includes a Gaana plus subscription for a year, Zee5 annual subscription, F-secure antivirus and malware, two claims per year, broken mobile screen repairing, accidental damage to the handset, damage to the device due to liquids, and a 100 % claim amount. This insurance plan covers the repair or damage caused to the handset. However, the mechanical breakdown charges are not covered. 

• CPP Fonesafe Lite Insurance includes an annual Zee5 subscription, F-secure antivirus and malware protection, two claims per year, accidental damage to phone screen and broken phone screen repair, and coverage of mechanical and electric breakdown of the phone screen and a 50 % claim amount. The accidental damage and repair due to liquid and pollution are not covered in this CPP Fonesafe Lite Insurance plan. 

It would help if you kept in mind that the phone insurance coverage can never be more than the original value of your device. You are allowed two claims during the membership period. It gives you maximum coverage and a claim of 100 % in the case of CPP Mobile Protection Phone Insurance. If you are willing to opt for the CPP Fonesafe Lite Insurance, you can only get a partial 50% of the claim amount.  

Benefits of availing of a phone insurance plan

• Repairing a broken mobile screen is covered, which is a drain on the pocket if paid out of pocket. It covers the accidental screen damage due to any mechanical and electrical abrasion. 

• Anti-virus and anti-malware protection are included in the phone insurance.

• Annual subscription of Zee5 and all its access. 

• Gaana plus subscription for free.

How can you apply for phone insurance to help you get your broken mobile screen repaired? 

• You can head to the website of Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance to buy the policy.

• Fill in the required details, i.e. name, mobile number, invoice value, and the invoice number. 

• You would receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, which you have to use to verify the details.

• Complete the payment processes by paying using an e-wallet or a debit or credit card. 

You can raise a claim by contacting the customer care centre within a day of the damage to your phone. With this done, you can enjoy the benefits of the cover.

Bajaj Finserv offers many other such Pocket Insurance Plans starting at a minimum cost of Rs. 19. Specifically, the phone insurance plan comes with its share of benefits and advantages. It is an excellent and affordable option to get phone insurance as it helps the insurance holder to get various benefits. You can get the broken phone screen repaired under the insurance policy and refrain from paying out of pocket, avoiding the excess repair cost. Besides fixing the broken phone screen, many other offers and benefits come in handy. 

Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance plan provides the insurance holders with exceptional benefits and the fulfilment of their device-related requirements. It is an affordable and safe option to go for and very easy to avail.

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