How Long Does a Lash Extension Last? What are Eye Lash Extensions? Is It Worth the Hype?

We all want to look perfect in our ways, and who doesn’t want to be attractive? From the past years, lash extensions have been great hype. Its benefits attract people. ‘How long does lash extensions last?’ before knowing how long they last, let’s uncover what lash extensions are? 

Lash extensions are fibers attached to your actual individual lash by using semi-permanent glue. Using eyelash extension is to make eyelashes attractive, thick, and darker. You can check their prices online and compare them.

What are the Types of Lash Extensions and Which One is the Best?

Eyelash extensions are mainly of three categories, synthetic, mink, and silk. Another type called ‘faux mink’ is a synthetic mink lash extension. Synthetic eyelash extension is synthetic as the name said, silk eyelashes are silk based and soft, and lastly, mink is fur based and made from natural hairs. Mink and silk eyelashes give a more natural look than synthetic lashes, but no lash lasts longer than anyone. 

You can choose any lashes as per your preferences and lash studios’. Some lash studios offer only one type of lash extension, and some give you choices. Lashes are applied with techniques by using suitable curly and size of lashes. Lashes define the shape of eyes, so the correct application is essential. 

What are permanent Eyelash Extensions? What is the Procedure of Permanent Eyelash Extension?  

Permanent eyelashes extensions are done by implanting eyelashes, also called ‘lash implants.’ Lash implants are a surgical process and should be done by experts or surgeons. These lashes last forever and give you lifetime implants. Maintaining health and length of lashes should be practiced afterwards for lashes’ long life.

Most people prefer semi-permanent lashes extensions because they are more convenient, and you can frequently change your look. Semi-permanent lash extensions are done with three types of lashes extension as mentioned above, moving towards their durability that ‘How Long Does Lash Extensions Last? 

Permanent lash extensions are implants, and they last forever if taken care of! But semi-permanent lashes are durable for most cases, about 2-3 weeks and for some 5-6 weeks depending upon the quality of products your studio is using. 

Semi-permanent and permanent lash extensions have their pros and cons. The benefit of permanent lashes is that they are done with minor appointments between once in a lifetime. The cons of permanent lash extension are that it is way more costly than semi-permanent lash extensions and cost about 200k-300k PKR per eye. Eyes have pains after the surgery, and only the doctors are eligible to do surgery on looks, and one can’t do it at home. 

The benefit of semi-permanent lashes is that they are handy and customized as your preferences. It is a pain-free process, so you can relax while having extensions. An expert can only do eyelash extensions. They can cost you around 5k-6k PKR, which is also costly considering the durability of only 5-6 weeks maximum.  

Should I Use Mascara on My Lash Extensions?

Women’s eyelash extensions look so beautiful. Those who have eyelash extensions have their looks sorted out. But it is a common question if I can wear mascara on my extensions? The lashes extensions don’t need mascara, but if one can wear mascara on extensions, sure thing! Go for it, but it is better not to wear mascara on extensions because extensions are susceptible and need daily care. Lash extension with mascara on will be challenging to clean. Many lash extension mascaras have also been introduced in the market, and you can go for any oil-free mascara.

Hope you find which extensions you need through this article; for more beauty-related products information, keep visiting our site.

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