How Private Medical Insurance Works Without Copay?

The topic of health insurance is a common conversation. Whether it arises out of concern or recommendation, this is an important thing to consider. The reason for this is summarized in eight points. We can perceive these characteristics within private medical insurance without a copay, as well as with copay. The difference is how you enjoy them and which one is better, depending on what type of customer you are.

The first point is that you will have the possibility to choose your doctors. You will also access greater efficiency and speed, than within public health. The attention is more personalized to each patient. The schedules are adapted to yours. Therefore, there is more flexibility. Coverage includes hospitalization and is more comfortable. Waiting times in emergencies, for example, are reduced. They include international coverage. Finally, they have a wide variety of medical treatments.

It is those basic points that do not lead to hiring him. In this way, achieving access to preferential services. The process to have private health insurance begins like any other type. It all begins with the payment of the premium, which is responsible for guaranteeing the coverage that was negotiated or detailed. However, completing these steps requires the insured to understand some terms.

Insurance Basics

Premium:  This is a monthly charge from your card or paycheck. Therefore, it is the payment you will make to your employer for the coverage of the plan you choose.

Copayment:  Copayment in insurance is optional. If you choose the modality, it means a fixed payment every time you use the service. The amount of the medical care you receive or the medicines you buy will be borne in part by you. The other, by the company that insures.

Before your plan starts, remember to check if you will need to meet a deductible.

Deductible: It is the value that the person who contracted the health plan must cover, within those that will be recognized by the insurer. Said amount is in the contract and will be applied from the first moment until the total amount per year is completed.

Medical insurance copays

Before learning about private health insurance without a copay, we must talk about those who have it. The term refers to what the user must pay each time he uses the medical service. For this reason, we must pay close attention to this point. The extra can range from €1 to €100. The amount varies based on the healthcare you choose. It is added to the premium that will be paid monthly.

The services to be paid would be medical assistance, surgical intervention, and analysis. Copays, however, are not always negative. They have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing it will depend on the requirements. Likewise, the health of the insured person.

The copay is lower than the price that a person who does not have contracted health insurance would have to cover. Also, the premium is lower if you are in good health. That is, in case you do not need to go to the doctor regularly. The same in case of not needing therapy, analysis, or resonances frequently. Finally, there may be improvements in the service. Being a subjective advantage, some might say that it will make queries be used or treated as they should.

The policy adopted by the insurer, however, can increase the value of the premium of your private co-pay insurance, year after year. The modality is perfect for people with good health, but not otherwise because it would lead to an increase in the premium. If the case is that people limit their visits to the doctor so that this does not happen, it can worsen the disease they suffer from.

Private medical insurance without copay

A single premium: that’s what they mean when they talk about private insurance without a copay. His hiring is perfect for those who constantly go to health establishments. The reason is that, regardless of how many times you go or consume the coverage included in your plan, the value of your premium will be the same.

Our main recommendation is to know what type of insured you could be. Knowing very well your needs, demands or evaluating the possibility of emergencies is essential. Above all, in the current environment, due to Covid-19 and the possibility of complications. Whether for prevention or health status, private health insurance without a copay could be your best option.

The progressive copay would be what you would like to avoid, in this case. The copay is a flat fee. However, if the scenario occurs that the service is repeated frequently, the insurer you choose will increase the rate. That is, the progressive copay would be given. The precaution, in this case, is to know very well what the company you hire offers since they all have different clauses. Find the features that best suit you and choose.

Adela’s Plena Plus

The Adeslas Plena Plus policy has complete coverage and does not include copays. Your monthly premium is always the same, no matter how you use the insurance services. It is recommended for those who make regular use of health care or for those who plan to intensify their use in the medium or short term. Future pregnancy is an example that could lead to an increase in medical visits, tests, among others.

Using Adeslas Plena Plus will give you access to all specialties, diagnostic tests, emergencies, surgical interventions, and admission to a large number of medical centers throughout Spain. In the same way, assistance during pregnancy is included. Same for childbirth and all that goes with it. In addition, other modules compose it. These are Adeslas Dental Max or Pus Reimbursement in Pediatrics and Gynecology.

About its value, it is possible to calculate your budget.

Allow yourself to save time. Choose your hours. Access the best group of health options. Whether in primary medicine, specialists, or diagnostic means, you will have more than 43,000 health experts.   

Private health insurance coverage without copays

Two points are not discarded. The focus or balance must be between economics and health. Compare between the health insurance options you handle and choose the offer that best suits your interests. Have a very clear idea and read very well what each policy covers.

Adela’s Plena Plus, for example, is insurance with full coverage. 

The insured will live the complete healthcare package with this option. That is, you will have access to consultations, tests, all emergency care, procedures, hospitalization, interventions, and even deliveries. 

Advantages of private health insurance without copays

Private medical insurance without copay offers the possibility of anticipating any situation as its main advantage. The first thing is that you identify what type of client you are and based on that, decide what works best for you. If you are not a frequent attendee to consultations, insurance with copays may be better. In case you are, no copays are the best way to avoid premium increases. The detail is that there are unforeseen situations that can change our scenario completely, making the option without copay the best.  

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