How to Use WhatsApp web on Tablet, PC or Desktop?

Are you wondering how you can use whatsapp web on your laptop, PC or on desktop then congratulations you are at the right place as here in this blog we are going to tell you all about it so that you can use whatsapp web and enjoy it but for it either you have to go to the site or you need to go for whatsapp web download

Steps to Set up Whatsapp Web for the Users – 

  1. For the initial step the users need to use your smart phone and on your smart phone you need to click on the three dots on the whatsapp. 
  2. Now you need to click on the option of link a device and then you can move ahead to the next step. 
  3. You have to access the site on any of the browsers you are using on your device so that you can move ahead with the steps. 
  4. Now you might be able to able to see a QR code in front of you which on the tablet or PC or laptop depending upon what you are using and now you need to point the camera of your phone to that code. 
  5. A browser will be launched automatically by the Whatsapp and the users will be remain active on their system until they log out from it so the users can use and see it as well and use their Whatsapp wherever they want to. 
  6. If you want to no more use it on your tablet or PC or laptop then you need to do nothing but look for the option of log out on the screen and as soon as you find it you need to press it and you will be logged out of your account from that device. 

If you ever want to use whatsapp browser again then you need to go through these steps again and execute them as well so that you can login into your account and finish up the process to set up whatsapp web as well. 

How can I Install WhatsApp on my Computer?

Instead of checking in through the browser, WhatsApp also has a desktop app for PC or Mac that adds added features including full notification support for desktop chatters. It’s the easier alternative if you’ll be using WhatsApp Web on a regular basis, and it can be downloaded right now via

To download the installer file to your computer, click the green Download button. Locate the file (it should be in your Downloads folder) and double-click it to install it.

Follow the steps in the installer on a Windows PC, and to complete the setup on a Mac, simply drop the WhatsApp icon into your Applications folder.

We hope that these steps would be useful and helpful for you and you were able to use them and not only this but you also got the best out of it and you can also share these steps with anybody who want to use them and access them as well for their use.

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