Mortgage monthly payment “late” 16 times to buy a second home, he can’t get a loan

Don’t think that a few days later is a trivial matter, you must repay the loan in time to buy a house with a mortgage

 Most people now buy houses by paying the down payment first and then using the bank loan to make monthly mortgage payments. Mr. Hu, who thinks his credit is very good, made a difficult payment after paying the down payment of 110,000 yuan for the second house. Because of the bad credit record of 16 overdue repayments, the bank refused to handle the second mortgage for him. Mr. Hu took the Money can’t buy a house

The bank does not accept mortgage loans for him

 Last month, Mr. Hu, a citizen of Hechuan, took a fancy to an 83-square-meter elevator building in a real estate in the main urban area of ​​Hechuan. Since it was the second time to buy a house with a loan, after careful consideration, he signed a house purchase contract and a mortgage contract with the real estate developer and a lender bank. A one-time payment of 40% of the down payment and taxes totaled 110,000 yuan.

 “Do you have a bad credit record?” a bank staff member surnamed Li asked. “No problem,” assured Mr. Hu, who had never received a reminder notice. Immediately, the two parties signed a mortgage contract. However, a few days later, Mr. Hu received a notice from the bank that the mortgage loan would not be accepted because he was found to have a bad credit history.

There are 16 “credit stains” in one investigation

 “How can I have a bad credit record?” Mr. Hu wondered. He went to the bank to check, and it turned out that during the first mortgage repayment process, there were too many overdue repayments.

 Mr. Hu said that in 2004, he bought a house of more than 90,000 yuan in Hechuan Panlong Garden. After paying a down payment of more than 30,000 yuan, he went through the mortgage procedures in another bank and paid 500 yuan per month in 15 years according to changes in interest. to 600 yuan. According to the staff, Mr. Hu has overdue repayments 16 times in five years, but the longest overdue time is less than 10 days.

 Short overdue, he thinks it should not be considered malicious default

 “Our husband and wife have a monthly income of nearly 8,000 yuan, and we have enough money to pay the mortgage.” Mr. Hu said that he also paid off the remaining 49,000 yuan mortgage 10 years ahead of schedule in May this year. Because the salary was not paid in time or carelessly forgot the repayment time, the overdue time was very short, and he felt that this situation should not be considered malicious default.

 Mr. Hu believes that he does not know about the overdue repayment records so many times, and the bank also has certain responsibilities. In this regard, the person in charge of the bank said that due to the huge number of mortgage repayment users, the bank only reminds users who are in arrears for more than 3 months by phone, and the rest can only rely on individuals to remember the time.

 Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Hu has received a notice from the sales department that he is expected to sign a loan contract with another bank today.

 Can I get a loan with bad credit?

A “non-bad credit record” certificate is required

 Mr. Hu hopes that the bank can eliminate the bad records for himself after understanding the situation and completing the purchase procedures smoothly. The bank staff who signed the contract for Mr. Hu at that time said that according to relevant regulations, the applicant had a bad credit record and could not go through the mortgage procedures. Unless the original loan bank can issue a certificate of “non-bad credit record”, it can only be processed.

 “The bank cannot determine whether Hu is maliciously defaulting.” The bank that mortgaged Mr. Hu’s first house rejected the request to issue a certificate for him. The staff of the Investigation and Statistics Section of the Hechuan Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China also stated that personal credit information cannot be changed at will. The reporter learned from a banker that the bank should strictly implement the loan regulations, but if the applicant makes it clear that it is not malicious arrears, it is not impossible to handle. However, the terms of applying for a loan vary from bank to bank.

 How to remove credit stains?

 can be improved in three ways

 A stain on your credit record does not necessarily affect your life. The relevant person from the Chongqing Business Management Department of the People’s Bank of China said that three methods can be used to improve.

 1. No new arrears appear

 If a person occasionally overdue repayments, but then repaid on time and in full, this is enough to prove that his credit situation is developing in a positive direction.

 2. Information changes should be notified in time

 Changes in the basic information of citizens especially change in home addresses and mobile phone numbers must be promptly notified to financial institutions that have business relations with you.

 3. Keep your ID card properly

 Citizens should take good care of various valid ID documents and their photocopies, and do not lend them to others easily, to avoid the theft of identity information and negative credit to the credit files of the parties. (Chongqing Times reporter Jiang Lin Wu Xianfeng)

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