Some Great and Simple Tips for Looking after your Back

As well as seeing a Chiro Perth, there are things you can do at home in terms of self-care to retain some mobility, reduce pain and still live your day-to-day life. A lot of people think they need to lay flat in bed for days to recover from back issues, but that is not the best approach. Your back needs movement to stay flexible. Not moving enough or moving incorrectly can add to your problems. That does not mean you shouldn’t seek treatment, it just means you also need to do some things at home too.

Being evaluated

Whether you have experienced some twinges, sharp sudden pain, or a constant dull ache, back pain is not fun! Over 75% of people experience back pain at some stage of their lives, and it can be caused by a range of different issues, including but not limited to not moving enough, moving too sharply, twisting, accident trauma, a sporting injury, a trapped nerve, slipped discs, or even disease. The best approach is to have a team of people helping, your doctor and a Perth Chiro expert. Each of these professionals will look at your medical history, then carry out tests and exams to assess what is causing your ailments it and how to best help you recover.

  1. Looking at your medical history – Make sure your GP and Chiropractor have your records and know your medical history. They will ask questions and you should answer with as much detail as you can. Some questions cover general medical information and will pertain to the back pain, how it started, what makes it feel better, other symptoms you might be experiencing, whether you experienced an accident or injury, etc.
  2. Performing a physical exam – Different specialists will carry out a slightly different exam but ultimately will all look at similar factors including, your posture, the location of the pain, how strong you are, whether you can move freely, if there is numbness anywhere and so on.
  3. Carrying out diagnostic testing – Your doctor and Chiro Perth will perform different tests. X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, EMGs are the common four depending on who you are seeing and where your back pain is originating.


Your Perth Chiro treatment extends beyond your adjustment sessions and time in the practice. Your Chiro can give you exercises to do at home as part of looking after yourself. Ignoring these exercises will slow down your recovery and increase the chance of recurring problems. With regular sessions and following your Chiro’s advice, you can really improve your strength, reduce pain and enhance your range of motion. Even in the very rare cases when surgery is suggested, you then have post-surgery recovery time where you will need to follow a routine of rest, medication and home exercise. Seeing medical experts and back specialists is the best way to treat back pain. Improve your posture, your strength and your flexibility too.

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