Third-party motorcycle insurance

In order to drive a motorcycle , you not only need to have the corresponding permit, but it is also mandatory to have valid motorcycle insurance. In this sense, third-party motorcycle insurance would be the most basic that is required by law your motorcycle can circulate.

In principle, this basic insurance would only cover civil liability arising from material and bodily damage caused to third parties in an accident with your motorcycle for which you were at fault, with the limits established in the particular conditions of the policy.

What must be taken into account when contracting third-party motorcycle insurance?

When contracting your motorcycle insurance from third parties, the first thing you should assess is whether, in addition to the basic coverage, you are interested in contracting additional ones, such as driver’s insurance, roadside assistance, or theft coverage. For this, you will have to consider certain factors, such as the age and value of your motorcycle, the use, and frequency that you are going to make of it, the number of kilometers that you are used to traveling, or, among others, the place where you are going to use it. Park regularly.

Another element to keep in mind is the price of the policy and whether it has to be paid in a single premium or, on the contrary, the company allows you to pay it in installments, either semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. The single installment is, in general, the cheapest option since insurers usually impose a surcharge for installment payments. However, the option of splitting the payment is more comfortable since it allows you to spread the financial burden over several smaller installments.

It is also important to know how to terminate the contract in case you want to change companies. In this regard, the Insurance Contract Law requires you to notify the company of your intention to cancel the policy at least one month in advance. Think that if you do not respect this term, the insurer can automatically renew your policy for another year. This notification must always be made in writing.

What does third-party motorcycle insurance cover?

Third-party insurance for motorcycles is the minimum mandatory insurance required by law so that your motorcycle can circulate. It is the most economical option to insure your motorcycle, although it is also the one that includes the least benefits. It mainly covers the mandatory civil liability of the motorcycle driver against third parties, which covers both material and bodily damage. It is important to find out what third-party motorcycle insurance covers to know if it is what you need for your situation.

However, although this mandatory civil liability is the only essential one required by law, it is usual that third-party damage insurance for motorcycles includes some other additional coverage. These ultimately depend on each company, although the most common would be a voluntary civil liability, legal defense, and claim for damages.

How to find third-party motorcycle insurance?

If you are thinking of contracting motorcycle insurance from third parties, we recommend that you first carry out an exhaustive online comparison between the main companies that operate in the sector. The fastest and easiest way to carry out this comparison is through the practical and effective insurance comparator that we offer you from Doctor i.

In just a few minutes, you will have at your disposal, in real-time, the best offers regarding motorcycle insurance to third parties, with the price and coverage included in each policy. In this way, you can choose the one that best suits your interests and needs.

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