Top 5 features of IVR Solution that give your business an unparalleled growth

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution is a modern product of cloud telephony technology that receives customers’ calls, collects information provided by the caller in the IVR keypad menu, and then redirects these calls automatically to the concerned department or executives. It is a cloud-based call solution that makes communication easier.

An IVR solution provider may offer two types of IVR solutions: Inbound IVR solution and Outbound IVR solution. Inbound IVR refers to the process where the customer dials the number and a pre-recorded message greets them. There are multiple levels of menus from which the customer may choose the specific option of their choice. They can either get self-help or decide to speak with an agent to resolve their issue. On the other hand, Outbound IVR refers to the service that sends a pre-recorded message when a call from a customer is received. The message is automatically played and it conveys the desired message to the customer caller.

The top five features of IVR solution that gives the business unparalleled growth are:

  1. Multilingual support: IVR solutions support multiple languages, it also offers customization of messages in different languages as per the need of the business. The languages can be national, international, and also regional language. This helps any business more accessible for more people across geographical boundaries. It reduces language barriers; customers can reach business without any barrier or assistance. It is beneficial for business expansion in the international market.
  2. 24×7 customer supports: It offers 24×7 support for uninterrupted communication for customers. It helps in recording messages and provides immediate support, response when a business is contacted by the customers. Any business that is always available and can be reached at any time is preferred by customers. It also helps businesses to reach international customers.
  3. Call routing and recording: IVR calls solutions to offer call recording and call routing features. It records every call in real-time which can be referred to later; it also helps in maintaining quality standards. Recording call helps a business to analyze the majority of the issues faced by the customers and take necessary corrective actions. This enhances customer care service and also reduces barriers that weaken a business.

Call routing enables agents who are available at the moment to take a customer call. This reduces wait time and reduces the risk of losing customers. Routing calls to specific departments or managers for specific concerns also enhances customer service satisfaction. It also reduces the agent’s workload and also provides flexibility to work from home or while traveling.

  • Concurrent calls: An important feature of the IVR call solution is that it allows businesses to respond to an unlimited number of concurrent inbound calls at a time. This reduces customer wait time and no call gets responded to. This helps businesses to grow by engaging with more customers and expanding business.
  • Customized menu: It allows customizing call flow with a menu categorized along with several sub-menu options to help the customers navigate to their respective queries or any specific service. Business can create their menu for the benefit of the agents and the customers.

While choosing from IVR solution providers for one should be mindful of looking into features that include: Cloud-based IVR call solutions, voice recognition effectiveness, Al-Powered conversation capabilities, different languages option, simultaneous ring along with routing of calls and customized call routing options.  Cloud-based IVR solution is a SaaS solution that allows customers to make payments, connect to relevant agents, and again access more services through automated voice prompts.  Cloud-based IVR solution can handle a large volume of calls, improves business team productivity, creates professional branding, is cost-efficient, easy to set up, and reduces call transfer failure.

There has been a significant demand for IVR solution providers in India. Knowlarity is one of the most popular and reliable IVR solution providers. It offers robust solutions and high-quality services to streamline business operations. Knowlarity is one of the best IVR solution providers in India that enhances a business’s operational efficiency and gives a distinct brand image. Integration with multiple platforms, CRM integration, option for scalability, customization, 24×7 support along with security, and reliability are some of the core features offered by Knowlarity, which makes it one of the most demanding IVR solution providers in India.

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