What are the benefits of guest blogging for the guest author?

1. Build a good relationship with other bloggers

One of the best things that writing guest articles on the blogs of some colleagues has given me is that these collaborations have linked us more closely. And thanks to that proximity, strong ties can be created with some of them. Today, many of those professionals who have invited me to make a guest post on their blogs regularly share the contents of my blog with their online community.

2. A guest post promotes more exposure

Participating as a guest author on other blogs makes it easier to make yourself known and reach new readers (and/or potential customers) who might otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet you. For example, in my personal case, some clients who have contacted me in recent months say they have discovered my blog thanks to my monthly column in TecnoHotel (online newspaper on hospitality and tourism).

3. Strengthen your personal and professional brand (Branding)

Related to the previous point. Thanks to the extra visibility that guest blogging gives you, your image and reputation begin to be greatly reinforced. Many of the readers of the blog/website in which you collaborate will begin to learn about your work and your professional skills thanks to the content you publish. So, over time, those people will also see you as a successful blogger or an authority on the topics you talk about in your posts (which is why it is very important to write on websites directly or indirectly related to your target or target audience ).

4. Encourage reciprocal writing or collaboration

It is a fact that if you have written a post for another blog and the relationship that has been forged with the blogger who owns it is good, he will also have a better predisposition when it comes to collaborating on yours. In other words, an ideal scenario is created for cooperation or the exchange of quality content (but in a more natural and advantageous way for both parties).

5. Diversify the sources of traffic to your blog

Your guest posts will help you get more qualified traffic to your own blog, because the reader who enjoyed your content will be more likely to go looking for more information. For example, my blog receives an average of +/- 15 visits per day from TecnoHotelnews.com and some more from other blogs (as is usually the case with Ciudadano2cero.com). Of course, it is not an extraordinary figure, but at the end of the month they add up to a not insignificant amount of qualified or quality traffic.

6. Attract more followers to your social media profiles

As you may have seen, your articles on other blogs include a signature with a BIO or description and the social profiles in which you are active. In other words, guest blogging will make it easier for other people outside of your online community to also have the opportunity to follow or connect with you. So, if what you contribute is of good quality, you will have a significant increase in followers interested in sharing your other content.

7. A guest post improves your writing skills

Regularly writing on other websites, in addition to your own blog, will also give you the chance to practice and improve your professional writing skills. In my case, most of the posts I write these days are light years away from being similar to my first publications (now it is much easier and more natural for me to write articles of more than 2,000 words, which can be entertaining enough to capture the reader’s attention).

8. Extra income possibilities

Writing articles on your blog, and other blogs or online magazines, is also a great way to position yourself as a professional writer of reference. That way, you may also be able to get another source of income or make a profit by creating content for other companies or communication agencies.

9. Get more leads

As I explained in points two and three, the visibility and prestige that these collaborations bring you can favor obtaining more potential clients interested in hiring your professional services.

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