What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

Most everyone has heard this term but what does a personal trainer Sydney do? What is their job description? This is a trained and certified professional that will help someone to meet their exercise and fitness goals. Some of these will work with professional or amateur athletes who want to enhance their performance, but most will work with small groups or individuals.

When you hire a personal trainer Melbourne, the first thing that they will do is evaluate your health. They will request that before you start any exercise or fitness program that you talk about it with your physician first to make sure it is the right fit for you. If any red flags such as skeletal or muscular structure injuries or medical conditions that are serious come up during the health history, you will be asked to talk to your physician. Sometimes the personal trainer will visit your doctor before they design an exercise program for you.

If you do have any serious medical conditions or injuries that could affect your exercising, the personal trainer Sydney may require that you get a paper of medical clearance from your physician before they will start your exercise program. Some personal trainers will also work with the client on nutrition and what they should eat to help them become healthier.  If a personal trainer has experience in nutrition, they may work with a nutritionist to help design diets for their clients who want to lose weight.  This way they can offer both exercise training and diet advice.

In a gym, they may meet with clients for one or two sessions to help them design an exercise program that they can work on by themselves with input from the trainer. There are some personal trainers who work for themselves and have a client list. They will often work with their clients for several months, being there with them for all of the exercise regimens.  Trainers have long, short, or intermittent times with their clients.

During a training session, the personal trainer Melbourne will teach you the proper exercise form and techniques. This is done so that it will be done safely and help to improve its effectiveness. When most make up an exercise program, it will include both strength training and cardio. The plan will include physical activity that is designed to improve your flexibility. This is generally done using stretching.

In addition to working for themselves, they can work in a fitness or gym facility. When working at a gym, they may work one-on-one with clients or conduct a group exercise class.  Some may even go to a school and promote how fitness will help to improve someone’s health and show them some exercises they can do during their physical education class.


Being a personal trainer can be an exciting job and if you are into fitness and exercise, this would be a good job career.  There are many opportunities from working for yourself to working in a fitness center.

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