What does pet insurance cover?

If you’re wondering what pet insurance is and what pet insurance covers, you’ve come to the right place. Here we provide you with all the information you need to learn more about the subject, which in recent years has become very popular, mainly among people whose pet is a dog.

What is pet insurance?

It is insurance that allows pet owners to deal with the damage they may cause to third parties. Third parties are considered to be people who are foreign to the home where the pet lives; that is, the owner of the pet, close relatives of the owner, business associates, people who are in charge of taking care of the pet, or those who live in the same household as the owner of the pet, whether or not they have a family kinship

What does pet insurance cover?

To know exactly what insurance for dogs or other pets covers and how it works, it is necessary to read the contract of the policy that is going to be subscribed to or request specific information about the available pet insurance coverage, since this varies according to the insurer, the selected plan, and type of pet. However, insurance policies usually include the following coverage:

  • Non-contractual civil liability.
  • Telephone legal assistance.
  • Veterinary assistance.
  • Slaughter expense coverage.
  • Dog groomer.
  • Stay in a canine residence if the insured is hospitalized.
  • Compensation for accidental death.
  • Pet funerals.

What animals can be included in the policy?

This will depend directly on the insurer with which the pet insurance policy is contracted. At MAPFRE we have plans for dogs and cats. Other insurers offer this service only for dog owners and other insure from dogs and cats to horses and turtles.

Is it mandatory to take out pet insurance?

In 2017, the Colombian Police Code established that all people who owned dogs of breeds considered potentially dangerous had to acquire a mandatory non-contractual civil liability policy so that they can respond immediately. for the damage that your pets may cause to third parties, whether they are people, animals, property, public spaces, or the environment.

However, the Colombian government has not yet regulated the law; This is why owners of potentially dangerous dogs are not required by law to take out this type of insurance yet. However, it is very likely that this regulation will be official in a short time; For this reason, it is advisable to purchase the pet insurance policy in advance and avoid the risk of being sanctioned or fined by the authorities.

People who want to voluntarily purchase a pet insurance policy should contact their insurer to find out what plans are available. Therefore, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your pet. It is recommended that the policy cover civil liability and, additionally, medical expenses and burial or cremation.

What do these insurances cover?

These insurances include different coverages. On the one hand, we have civil liability, that is, coverage for bodily injury and/or material damage (whether to people, dogs, cats, or things) that your animal causes to third parties, up to the established limit that appears in the policy. . Another coverage is health care, illness and/or accident. In addition, the policies may include other guarantees such as compensation in the event of theft or loss, legal defense and coverage of legal expenses in the event of complaints related to the animal, reimbursement of the costs of staying in a residence in the event of hospitalization of the owner, coverage of expenses of sacrifice and disposal of the carcass, etc.

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