Best automatic mosquito misting systems for your yards

The effect of automatic mosquito misting system

The Automatic mosquito misting system can automatically spray fine mist with insecticides in your yard. These fine mists can cover the surface and bottom of trees or leaves in all directions, creating a perimeter barrier to prevent mosquitoes from invading. At the same time, the plants in your yard are lethal to mosquitoes, but they will not endanger your health.

The mist time can be set by yourself according to your needs. For example, spray once every ten minutes, then it can run at this time interval for 24 consecutive hours. Suppose your house is in a city where the temperature is very high in the hot summer. In that case, the automatic mosquito misting system can also make you feel relaxed at home and reduce the temperature, letting you enjoy your patio or yard with your family without any mosquitoes.

What’s the health risks caused by mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes kill thousands of people every year. Maybe you don’t feel it, but it does happen. The first targets of mosquitoes are babies and pregnant women. There is no more deadly or at least uncomfortable bite. But why is a mosquito bite so serious? First of all, mosquitoes must suck blood, but only female mosquitoes bite people because they need blood to lay eggs and a pool of water to hatch. Second, the conditions for mosquitoes to hatch are elementary, even a pile of garbage is enough. The last, the mosquitoes feel very ordinary at first glance. But still, they plunge their beak into our bodies, suck our blood, and leave us with enough pathogenic or deadly parasites.

As we know, mosquitoes can spread diseases because they like to live in a dark and humid environment. They contain a lot of bacteria and viruses in their bodies. when the body surface sucks blood, these bacteria and viruses will enter the human body through them. They will also produce red bumps on the skin after sucking blood, making the skin itchy and unbearable. It will also hinder people’s rest, interfere with daily life, and affect sleep quality.

How does the best mosquito misting system work?

The working principle of the automatic mosquito misting system is straightforward. The nozzle decomposes the insecticide-containing solution into excellent particles (30 microns or smaller). These particles can float in the air to form a mist. Depending on the wind speed, the mist lasts for about 1-10 minutes. It will die when exposed to such moisture, thus achieving the effect of killing mosquitoes.

How to install an automatic mosquito misting system?

An automatic mosquito misting system does not need to be installed by a professional company. You can do everything at home, only you need to follow our instructions:

1. Choose the right mist equipment: Choose suitable mist equipment according to the size of your yard. Usually, the pump pressure for different areas ranges from 60-150bar.

2. Connect the misting equipment: Connect it to a place with water and power in your yard.

3. Connect the doser: Add the insecticide that you purchase locally with safe quality.

4. Connect nozzles and pipes: Usually, the number of nozzles will vary from 20 to 60 pcs. If there are more nozzles, the radiation range of the mist will be larger and denser.

5. Perform a test: Connect the power and water, turn on the pump, check whether the nozzle is blocked or leaking, and after ensuring that everything is going through, you can set an automatic spraying time.

Other applications of the misting system

Although significant pests such as rodents can be controlled by mechanical means such as trapping, chemical control has been effective against most pests for an extended period. Pest control now takes many forms, depending on the problem people are trying to get rid of (or prevent invasion). As mentioned earlier, these pests are often insects.

So except for killing mosquitoes, the misting systems can also repel and kill pests such as flies, fleas, ticks, invisible insects, and spiders.

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