What Is Stopping You From Buying Original Handmade Rugs? Break The Myths!

You might be very fond of Oriental or Turkish rugs. Of course, they have a distinct charm that impresses you at the very first glance. They own a well-defined character and charisma. And because of this, no matter where you add them, they enhance the beauty of the place. Well, even the durability of these rugs makes them quite popular. They can last for around half a century (or even more) in their very best condition. However, isn’t it strange that (even after so many impressive features) you still hesitate to get an original rug for your home decor? The most common reason for this hesitation — the myths revolving around it. Let us break them altogether. 

Bust the myths about original rugs!

Original rugs are for connoisseurs. They make elegant additions to any home decor theme. These are handmade with extreme care and perfection, woven after thoughtfully considering the design, material, and color combination. It is the reason homeowners don’t even frown when spending thousands of dollars in buying them. But do you hesitate to make any such investment? Are misconceptions and myths holding you back? Believe us, not all of them are even remotely true. Well, we don’t want to deprive you of such a fantastic possession because of these baseless myths. So, let’s bust the myths and welcome a precious original handmade rug to your space.

  • All the newer rugs are machine-made–You will find people believing and commenting that the rugs manufactured recently are machine-made. They don’t consider handcraft labour nowadays. Well, this is untrue. Even today, the reputed rug-makers pride themselves in their craft. They exclusively hand-make their artefacts working hard. Each of these is specially made with extreme care and requires tremendous labour and skill. Well, this is the reason you find them expensive.
  • The older the rugs, the more expensive they get – Now, this is half-true. It depends upon what you call “old”. Some of these might belong to the Mughal era and naturally are considered antiques. Of course, like everything antique, even these will be expensive. But if you think that a rug designed and created a decade back will be costly, then you are wrong. The price then is determined by the craftsmanship and design (of course, size, too!). 
  • The original rugs require special cleaning– The authentic rugs are hand-woven with natural materials like silk, wool, and cotton. No self-respecting rug-maker would use synthetic fibres – just as they won’t use machines. Of course, they are prone to dust and dirt when placed in any space. If you want to clean such delicate rugs properly, you have to consider calling the professionals who know precisely how to handle them. They use the best cleaning agents and equipment to treat them gently. One such expert in rug cleaning in Brisbane is Absolute Carpet Care. They have been cleaning such exclusive rugs for years and know exactly how to maintain these and keep them hygienic and spic and span. Remember, your original rugs are like artwork – cleaning them can be equated to art restoration. So, you can understand how gently yet deftly the cleaning needs to be handled. That is why you need professionals to the rescue. 
  • You can’t place your precious rugs in a high traffic area –A lot of people will suggest not to use your valuable rugs in a high traffic area! Well, it is a myth that it can’t withstand the constant traffic and exposure on its surface. You can place this rug in any part of your house which is dry. Rest assured that it won’t get spoiled. But, in such a case, we recommend the woollen rugs in such high traffic zones.

Are you sighing relief and considering buying a beautiful original rug for your space? Remember, such rugs are like pieces of art. They are hand-knotted with such precision that even the underside looks as intricate as the top of the carpet. Be a connoisseur while buying one. Research about premium materials, knots per inch (KPI), clarity, design, and other aspects that make your handmade rug unique. Also, these factors determine the price. Now that no myth can mar your joy of owning a masterpiece, concentrate on the best purchase and proper maintenance facts. 

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