Exploring the Wildlife in India

If you are looking to explore the wildlife of India and take a break from the modern world the two options Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary and Jims Jungle Retreat could be perfect for you. Here is a closer look at what the two places have to offer.

Jims Jungle Retreat

Thousands of people head to the Jim Corbett National Park each year, with a mix of first-time tourists to nature lovers and more. It is a great place to experience the wide variety of wildlife here in India in its natural habitat. Plus you can enjoy the outstanding resorts there and truly relax while enjoying the modern amenities we all struggle to give up! The lovely resorts have excellent food, high levels of service and offer various services to help you enjoy the surroundings such as safaris and guides for the nature trails. Guests are enthralled by the surrounding jungle and you can choose a resort to meet your budget.

At Jims Jungle Retreat you are nestled between the ancient Shivaliks and the Himalayan foothills. The first is protected and is in fact the first conservation effort in Asia. It includes more than 1300 km squared of lakes, forests, grassland and rivers. Enjoy lush forests and awe-inspiring mountain vistas! Head out and enjoy the many species of birds and then head home and relax on your own verandah listening to the life around you! Be closer to nature than you could ever imagine.

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Kuno National Park you can head here in the center if India in the Vindhyan Hills. It is surrounded by rocky and less fertile land but here you can enjoy a mix of ancient forts, lush green vegetation, amazing wildlife spotting opportunities and do your part to help support the revival and revitalisation of life that is close to being completely gone from the planet. It is an old place and while also being a place with free roaming carnivores and ungulates is also great for the hundreds of bird species you might find.

If you want to visit you can head here any time of year apart from the rainy or monsoon season from July to October. The most popular times are from October to March when it is more comfortable. Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary is commonly referred to by the locals as Kuno Palpur. Tourists might want to explore the Gravity Pipeline, Doab Kund, Kanji House, Kuno River, Ker kho and Khemcha Lake. This is where lions were reintroduce in 2013 and now a new initiative to bring back the Asiatic cheetah is happening. As well you can find jackals, chinkara, leopards, wild boar, sambhar, spotted deer, neelgai and four-horned antelope.

It is close to being able to claim to be the only sanctuary to home all 4 major species of big cats, the leopard, tiger, lion and cheetah, though its one Tiger does like to wander, only just returning to the area a couple of years ago after a 10-year visit to Ranthambore!                                     

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