Learn about core concepts principles and methodologies of Microsoft security.

Companies have allowed employees to work from home in recent years, which has resulted in a substantial shift in the workplace. They are increasingly relying on cloud services, and employees can obtain software without the approval of a central IT department. For enterprise identity, Microsoft’s Active Directory is the gold standard. It is simple for a firm of any size to have the best-in-class identity management and directory service and deploy a Zero-Trust model with Microsoft’s cloud variant Azure Active Directory.

People have a broad scope of opportunities if they learn about this gold standard. SC 900 training is required to clear the exam and get into a job. SC-900 (MS Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals) is a committed Microsoft confirmation test focused on people or experts who wish to propel their vocations in consistence and network protection and dive more deeply into Microsoft cloud-based security administrations.

How to get certified?

SC-900 (MS Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals) is a dedicated Microsoft certification exam aimed at individuals or professionals who wish to advance their careers in compliance and cyber security and learn more about Microsoft cloud-based security services.

The exam costs USD 99. Pearson Vue and PSI Online, both of which operate a global network of test centers, have joined with Microsoft Azure. They provide both on-site and online tests. If you have the chance, take the exam in person. On Pearsue Vue, Microsoft delivers a gateway page where you may register and schedule your exam. 

Is SC 900 training needed?

For certification like the SC 900, one can pass by attending SC 900 training and gathering hands-on experience to work with Azure services. The SC 900 is Microsoft’s most lecture-heavy foundational certification, as it lays the groundwork for four other Security Associate certifications.

Azure receives changes significantly more frequently than other cloud service providers. Although a certification may receive new revisions every month, the SC-900 is not a hands-on certification; therefore, study materials are less likely to become stale. Also, check our other blog


These are the Security methodologies one would learn in SC 900 training,

● Zero Trust Model

● Zero Trust Principles

● Zero Trust Pillars

● Zero Trust Assessment Tool

● Shared Responsibility Model

● Defense In-Depth

● CIA Triad

● Follow Along with Zero Trust Assessment Tool


Even though newbies can learn, some prerequisites are required to have the upper hand.

● SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals require general knowledge and application. 

● Should be an expertise in Information Technology is required. 

● One should also be familiar with Microsoft 365 and Azure Services on a fundamental level.

Course Audience

● Cloud Security Professionals

● Security consultants

● Cloud Auditors

● Information security professionals

● Security Analysts


Some of the significant advantages of SC 900 training and certification are,

● This certification is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about Microsoft security.

● It’ll be crucial if one wants to make the switch from traditional security to cloud security.

● It can help one communicate with the clients and team more effectively as a manager.

● One would be able to collaborate with Security solutions architects and Security operations analysts to keep the company’s security posture up to date.

● It assists in comprehending all of the numerous security solutions offered with Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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