How much does a dental implant cost?

What is the average price of a dental implant? 

This is a question that is legitimate to ask, especially before a possible intervention, because this expense item generally represents the most expensive dental service. First of all, it is important to know that the price of dental implants is free. In other words, the cost of their installation can vary from one dental surgeon to another, in particular, according to his geographical location, his notoriety, and the equipment used. Regardless of the amount of reimbursement for the dental implant, its price averages around €1,800, installation included. It can nevertheless reach €2,200 with certain professionals, in particular those based in Paris (1).

To know what price for dental implants you will have to pay, it is recommended to obtain several quotes, possibly from different dental surgeons, to be able to compare them and choose the most appropriate proposal.

Social security: reimbursement of dental implants

Except for the placement of prosthetic implants in people with multiple dental ageneses (absence of several teeth because they have not formed), linked to a rare disease (2)(3), health insurance does not cover dental implants. In most cases, you will therefore not benefit from any reimbursement of your dental implants by Social Security.

This is why it is important to make a clear distinction between prostheses (crown, bridge, inlay, etc.) and dental implants, reimbursement of the former by health insurance being – for their part – possible.

Good to know: since the entry into force of the “100% Health” system, the price of certain dental prostheses is now regulated, in particular, to insure a remaining charge of €0 on eligible equipment. Not being considered prostheses, dental implants are not concerned by the “100% Health” and, consequently, their prices are not framed.

Mutual: reimbursement of dental implants

Reimbursement of dental implants by your health insurance is not automatic. Indeed, the coverage will mainly depend on the guarantees offered by your contract. Before any intervention, therefore think first of all to consult your table of guarantees to check that this item of expenditure is well covered.

Does your contract provide little or no coverage for this equipment? To improve the reimbursement of dental implants by your health insurance, you have three main solutions:

  • subscribe to a more upscale formula;
  • subscribe to reinforcement or an option to be better covered on the dental post;
  • take out another complementary health contract.

To choose a formula, an option, or a mutual that reimburses dental implants, it is also important to know how the coverage is expressed. Generally, there are mainly two scenarios:

  • the annual lump sum: the amount appearing in the table of guarantees corresponds to the reimbursement to which you can claim annually for all the implantology procedures that you perform over the period;
  • flat rate per procedure: the amount displayed corresponds, in this case, to the reimbursement to which you can claim for each implantology procedure. This second possibility, however, is rare.

Good to know: since implantology procedures are relatively expensive, it is rare for your health insurance to cover the full price of the dental implant. Hence the importance, once again, of comparing the quotes for the intervention and consulting your table of guarantees beforehand.

Reimbursement of dental implants by Macif

To benefit in particular from reimbursement of dental implants by the mutual insurance company adapted to your needs, Macif offers you the choice between several contracts and several formulas for each one. Ideal for taking advantage of flexible guarantees, corresponding to your expectations and your profile.

  • For individuals: with the Individual Health Guarantee health supplement, you benefit from an annual reimbursement of €300 per calendar year and per insured person for your dental implants, and this, from the Balanced formula, level 2. This amount even reaches €400 with the Protective formula level 3 and €500 with the Excellence formula level 4.
  • For employees: taken out by your employer, theGarantie Santé Entreprisecontract provides coverage of €125 per year from the Essential+ formula. Reimbursement of dental implants by your health insurance is €250 in the Median formula, €350 in the Comfort formula, €500 in the Extended formula, and even €600 in the Performance formula, always per calendar year (4).
  • For the self-employed: designed for the self-employed, the Garantie Santé Indépendantscontract offers the same level of coverage as the Garantie Santé Enterprise contract. Reimbursement by your mutual insurance company for dental implants, therefore, ranges from €125 per year and per insured person in the Essential+ formula to €600 in the Performance formula.
  • For civil servants and non-permanent agents of local authorities: for you, as well as for retirees in these categories, Macif has designed Garantie Santé Territorials, offering the same level of coverage as the Garantie Santé contract. You thus benefit from an annual reimbursement ranging from €300 in the Balanced formula level 2 to €500 with the Excellence formula level 4.

Good to know: if you are a Macif member, you have access to Santéclair healthcare services and networks. Listing nearly 2,600 partner dental surgeons (5), committed to practicing controlled prices, this network allows you to save on implantology procedures or your health expenses in general, up to 40% compared to median market prices. You also have access to an analysis service for your quotes, allowing you to estimate your remaining charge and make the right choice.

Dental implants: take out a Macif contract

Do you plan to perform implantology? Without a waiting period on subscription, and depending on the level of equipment chosen, Macif health contracts can allow you to benefit from reimbursement of your dental implants without waiting. To take advantage of this, you can subscribe to a contract:

  • at any time if you have no or no longer any mutual insurance (7) ;
  • on the first expiry date of your contract, respecting the notice in force, if you took out complementary health insurance less than a year ago (7) ;
  • at any time if you took out your contract more than one year ago (7)(8) ;
  • when you join the company about the Garantie Santé Enterprise contract.

Not only can Macif take care of your cancellation procedures with your former insurer for you, but taking out your new contract is very easy. You can indeed take out a Macif contract (7) :

  • by telephone on 09 69 39 49 80 (non-surcharged call) Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm;
  • in a year agency;
  • or, about the Garantie Santé contract, on the website.

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