How to choose your English course

When you apply for learning an online English language course, you should choose your English course according to your purpose and potential. However, many of you would think, why discriminate in English courses. There are many dialects and varieties in English are used according to the situation, purpose, and outcomes.

Sometimes you need to learn to speak English, so you have to choose a different course. Similarly, when you want to learn English writing, you have to pay special attention and focus on sentences and structure. But, both speaking and writing have many varieties when used for different purposes.

For example, you speak informal English when you speak it with your friends, and in contrast, you use formal and authentic language when you use it for business communication. Similarly, in writing, you have to take immense care when doing it for academic writing. However, there is not much need for toil and care if you write letters to your friends and family members, etc.

Here are some kinds of English language courses that will help you choose your course topics for English learning.

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General English

When you aim to improve your English language skills just for ordinary use of English, you should enroll yourself in our online English course for Learning General Language. The course gives you the confidence to learn new words and use them accurately according to the need of the time.  After learning general English, you will also speak English in your daily conversation. Furthermore, learning general English writing also helps you in corresponding.

English for your job

Sometimes, while working, you need full command of the English language to perform the job. The course ‘English for the job’ will help you communicate with your colleague while working in an organization. Some jobs need perfect command of the English language. For example, if you are working as a content writer, you will need to learn about the specific terms and techniques necessary for perfect content. You will need to learn and command functional English to write readable and quality content.

English for special purpose

Many students with us join to learn English according to their relevant field. Some of them are working in the human resource department, so they learn different dialects of the English language to know how to deal with people from different areas. Some of them are related to marketing fields, so they face problems regarding presentation and impressing people. They get registered to know how to impress people and present the topic that can affect the audience.

Similarly, many people have a problem speaking to their clients during a deal. ‘The English for Special purpose’ is a perfect English course for those who hesitate to share their ideas widely and globally in fear of rejection. However, after learning the course, you will be able you overcome your problems that are hindrances in your way of success. You may also like to learn about the Pashto Course.

Preparation for exam

This course is specially designed for students who are becoming victims of anxiety and tension about how to be prepared for exams. You might have prepared all the courses, but if you are weak in English, don’t worry, we are here for you. Our tutors have designed such courses and study hours that will surely benefit you in your study. There is not much needed for exam preparation. You have to focus on your previous work and learn something additional important for your success in the examination.


After reading details about the English language courses, languages tutors also offer you some additional courses in the English language. Furthermore, we offer online learning courses of learning Pashto, Arabic, and Urdu online.

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