If You Are Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated, What Will Happen To Your Car?

Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated

When something is used in the commission of a crime, the government can seize ownership of it under forfeiture statutes. General familiarity with civil forfeiture exists among the general public. However, the power of these rules is greater than is usually believed. After an arrest for drunk driving in Minnesota, state officials may be entitled to confiscate and sell the car. In this post, We covers the most critical facts you really have to know regarding the laws in Minnesota pertaining to the impoundment and seizure of vehicles.

Vehicle Seizures Under Minnesota’s Drunk Driving Laws

A motor vehicle that was utilised in the commission of certain driving while impaired offences in the state of Minnesota may be subject to an administrative forfeiture in line with the statutes of that state. It should be made very apparent that a person’s driver’s licence will not necessarily be revoked in the event of a DWI arrest. In the case that you are suspected of committing any of the following drunk driving offences, your car faces the possibility of being seized and/or forfeited:

A conviction for driving while intoxicated for the fourth time, a conviction for driving while intoxicated within the past ten years, a conviction for driving while intoxicated for the second time if it occurred with a juvenile in the car, or any subsequent convictions for driving while intoxicated with blood alcohol concentrations of 0.20 or higher each constitute a separate offence.

In the state of Minnesota, some crimes may result in the seizure and sale of the vehicle involved. It is possible that this sentence will not be carried out. Even if your infraction fits into one of the categories listed above, state officials are not required to make an effort to confiscate your vehicle even if they have probable cause to do so. Even so, you should make preparations for the possibility of losing your vehicle, which would be in addition to the loss of your licence and other significant criminal sanctions. In other words, you should be ready to face the chance of losing your vehicle.

A Guide To Car Safety After A Dui Apprehension

In the state of Minnesota, it is required by law for the state government to issue official written notification whenever a vehicle is seized due to an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This type of notification is referred to by its formal name, which is a “Notice of Seizure and Intent to Forfeit Vehicle.” After the authorities have impounded your vehicle, it will be sent to you as quickly as possible. You have a period of thirty days, beginning on the day that this notification was delivered to you, during which you can oppose the seizure and the projected forfeiture. In that case, the court would likely order that your vehicle be towed away for the duration of any DWI court hearings and eventually sold if you are found guilty of the charge.

Nevertheless, blocking the seizure of an automobile is merely one component of a much larger and more comprehensive legal defence. You have a responsibility to protect your individual liberty, your privacy, and your good name. You will need the assistance of an experienced Dwi lawyer in Minnesota to assist you in formulating a defence strategy that will increase the likelihood of your case being successful.

Final Thoughts

An expert attorney who defends clients accused of driving while intoxicated will work tirelessly on their side. After an arrest for DUI, they will be able to provide you with the information you need to maintain your vehicle safe. Get in touch with them for a conversation that is devoid of any commitments. Their legal practise assists clients from all around Southern Minnesota, including Fairmont, New Ulm, St. Peter, Rochester, and Worthington, in addition to Mankato. Their office is located in Mankato.

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