Pink Himalayan Salt DIY Spa and Scrub

A secret affordable spa is such a blessing in this fast growing age. Pink Himalayan Salt in the form of Epsom Salt bulk is purely a natural gift with addition of other essential oils, aromatic elements that enhance its usage as well as bless it a unique and different touch of fragrances. Wholesale Epsom Salts are wonderful to use at home spa treatments they can be used in a wide variety of DIY beauty treatments like scrubbing, relaxing, bath soaking, skin exfoliating and rejuvenating foot scrubbing. Etc. Epsom salt bulk is easily available and also can be prepared at home there is nothing big deal in it. It is also a perfect gift material for our loved ones because the love brings an ultimate care with it and the Products of Pink Himalayan Salt DIY Spa and scrubbing for a relaxing and rejuvenating body is the perfect gift to offer to whom you care most.

Through this article we will try our utmost to make most of the points clear to prepare wholesale bath salt DIY Spa and beauty products for scrubbing and other purposes.

DIY Pink Himalayan Salt Spa material.

First of all let’s discuss the things that you need to prepare the DIY spa at your home. The list is given below

Himalayan Pink Salt

3 beautiful jars fit to your taste

1 spray bottle

Essential oils that suit your taste.

A Jar of Coconut oil (this is the point to keep in mind that coconut is very effective in beauty and cosmetics.

A jar or almond oil.

A small box of baking soda

Wholesale Bath salt

Water (should be distilled or boiled)

Himalayan Salt candle tea light holder fits to your jar size

A foot soaking tub to use while scrubbing your feet

Tissue papers to clean your face and feet while cleaning or scrubbing

Above are the items that can be used to have an outstanding spa feel at your own place with miraculous effects on your own.

Different and easy recipes of Wholesale Epsom salt

There are many ways to have DIY beauty treatments on your own or at a spa with the involvement of excellent addition of different Epsom Salt Bulk Products. Below are some ways to treat your body, face or feet a classy treatment to have required benefits and effects.

Microdermabrasion facial with Epsom salt bulk.

This treatment is to use gently exfoliate dead skin cells and give a refreshing effect to dull and bored skin. it is very easy to have your required advantages simply just take ½  tablespoon of wholesale Epsom Salt with any good cleansing milk. Start massaging skin for a certain of time using the perfect methods and movement for cleaning. After well cleansed rinse it off with cool water and pat dry then check the glorious effects.

Exfoliating Treatment for a glowing Skin.

Epsom salt bulk has the ability to clean and rejuvenate your skin by gently removing the upper dead skin and blessing a glowing effect to it. Use ½ cup of pure Himalayan Epsom Salt bulk with petroleum jelly and with a pinch addition of essential lavender oil to treat dry patchy skin. A soft cleansing and then rinsing will remove dry skin and will give a  glorious smooth skin.

Perfect material for pedicure.

Epsom salt slough off the dead cells as well as the calloused one, soften the heels skin and remove dry patches also helps to get rid of unwanted foot odor. The procedure is very easy simply take the bathtub and add the required warm water level into the tub. The water level should be a minimum quarter so that feet easily can be soaked into the tub. Then add a half cup of wholesale Epsom salts in the warm water, mix it well and soak your bare feet in it for at least 20 minutes.  If you want any extra refreshing scent add eucalyptus oil in the solution to have an excellent fragrance. Massage your feet properly with Epsom salt bulk specially the ankles to get rid of dry patches.

Epsom Salt Bath.

Epsom salt bath is a whole body treatment in itself. It cannot just remove dry skin and freshens the body cells but also to the mind and whole body feels its pleasant effects. Bath with the wholesale bath salt relieves muscle tension either it’s due to the exercise or after a long and tiring day. It is the best remedy for inflammation and pains in joints. Epsom salt has the capacity to absorb all kinds of positive ions and by canceling their charge it leaves soothing and relaxing effects on the user. Simply add 2 cups of Epsom salt bulk into a standard size Bathtub and let it get mixed with water and then take a long bath in this warm cozy bathtub. Wholesale bath salt will detoxify your body and will remove all types of extra and undesired itching elements from us along with unwanted odor.

When it is the matter of your skin and health, always be more concerned and cautious. Epsom Salt wholesale is the product that can manage all your mood swings by blessing a refreshing effect. And there is not a single but a bundle of benefits some of them we discuss above so always rely on a trustworthy source while choosing wholesale Bath salt. Friends Rock Salt is the leading manufacturer and exporters of Epsom salt. Either you are a wholesaler or importer you can rely on us for quality products of your concern.

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